Disabled facilities grants

Recent statements in this category are shown below:

  • Durham County Council (16 011 028)

    Statement Upheld Disabled facilities grants 21-Apr-2017

    Summary: Mr X would like the Council to fund a grant for an extension to his home to house a lift for his disabled son. There was no fault in the Council's decision that a lift could be installed inside the home. However, the Council failed to give Mr X enough information about how to proceed with a disabled facilities grant or the process. This has caused delay and confusion. Mr X has not reached the stage of a completed application 20 months since he began the process. The Council has agreed to apologise, pay Mr X £500 for his uncertainty and frustration and improve the information available to the public.

  • Southampton City Council (16 011 556)

    Statement Not upheld Disabled facilities grants 13-Apr-2017

    Summary: Mrs F asked the Council for a Disabled Facilities Grant to replace her windows and renovate a downstairs bathroom. There is no evidence of Council fault in it refusing to do this.

  • Daventry District Council (16 008 493)

    Statement Upheld Disabled facilities grants 13-Apr-2017

    Summary: There were delays when the Council dealt with Mr and Mrs X's request for a DFG grant. However, a change in their circumstances meant they were no longer eligible for the grant rather than fault by the Council. The Council has agreed to pay Mr and Mrs X £250 to acknowledge the frustration and distress caused by the delays.

  • Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council (16 004 300)

    Statement Upheld Disabled facilities grants 13-Apr-2017

    Summary: Ms B and Mr C complain the Council failed to provide the family with services and failed to ensure work was promptly carried out under a disabled facilities grant. There was evidence of fault leading to injustice for the family and a remedy has been agreed.

  • Cheshire West & Chester Council (16 014 349)

    Statement Upheld Disabled facilities grants 12-Apr-2017

    Summary: The Council's contractor accepted that Mr B did not receive the service he was entitled to expect during improvement work to his home. The contractor's apology and decision not to charge Mr B for additional work he requested are an appropriate remedy for the injustice this caused.

  • Birmingham City Council (15 018 410)

    Statement Upheld Disabled facilities grants 28-Mar-2017

    Summary: the Council failed to respond to the needs of both Mr A and Ms B appropriately. There were delays in processing their application as well as a failure to inform them about the waiting list. The original schemes for adaptation did not take their individual needs into consideration. The Council agrees to apologise, make swift progress to complete the schemes in line with Mr A and Ms B's needs, and also offer a payment in acknowledgement that its failings have caused distress and inconvenience over a long period of time for both Mr A and Ms B.

  • Luton Borough Council (16 011 879)

    Statement Not upheld Disabled facilities grants 24-Mar-2017

    Summary: There are problems with the quality of works done under a Disabled Facilities Grant at Mr J's parents' home. Mr J complains about the Council's proposed solution. There was no fault by the Council in the way it inspected the works and proposed a solution.

  • Lichfield District Council (16 003 781)

    Statement Upheld Disabled facilities grants 20-Mar-2017

    Summary: The Council investigated Mr and Mrs X's complaints about the way it dealt with a Disabled Facilities Grant application from 2014. The Council upheld Mr and Mrs X's complaint. Its offer of £3271 in compensation is a suitable remedy for the delay and distress caused. There are no grounds for the Ombudsman to exercise discretion to investigate as it would not achieve anything more for Mr and Mrs X. so the Ombudsman is completing his investigation.

  • Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council (15 019 050)

    Statement Upheld Disabled facilities grants 15-Mar-2017

    Summary: The Council did not properly advise Miss Y during the planning stage of proposed works for a Disabled Facilities Grant. As a result, the subsequent building work does not fully meet her disabled son's needs. The poor workmanship of the Council's contractors caused further injustice to Miss Y and her son. The Council has already offered a remedy for this part of the complaint. To fully remedy the other matter the Council will arrange an independent inspection and some remedial building work.

  • Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council (16 009 168)

    Statement Upheld Disabled facilities grants 14-Mar-2017

    Summary: There was some delay by the Council in dealing with Mrs B's Disabled Facilities Grant to provide essential adaptations to her home and improve her quality of life. The Council has agreed to pay her £450.