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Complaints about schools

The following information relates to complaints about schools. If your complaint is about other children's services please visit our general complaints pages. If you are a young person who wants to make a complaint about something other than your school, more information can be found on our pages for young people.

The LGO has always been able to investigate a variety of matters related to schools including:

From 19 April 2010, the LGO's existing complaints-handling service was expanded for parents and pupils with concerns about their school on a pilot basis, covering certain local authority areas.

Following legislative changes, that expanded complaints-handling service ended on 31 July 2012. The Local Government Ombudsman no longer has the power to investigate complaints about the internal management of schools. Complaints made after that date will be outside the Ombudsman's jurisdiction. The Department for Education can consider complaints about schools. See the Department's website at www.education.gov.uk/schoolcomplaints for more details.

  • Academies operate independently of local authorities, and we cannot currently look at complaints about them. You should speak to the academy initially about how to complain to them. They will provide you with a copy of their complaints procedure.
  • If you have a complaint about an academy that you have been unable to resolve, you can write to the Secretary of State for Education (see link above).
  • If however, your complaint is about school admissions or a permanent exclusion, and relates to an academy that has converted from a maintained school during the admissions or exclusion process, we may be able to look at it.

Date Updated: 21/11/13