Ambulance services

Recent statements in this category are shown below:

  • East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust (16 008 257)

    Statement Not upheld Ambulance services 20-Mar-2017

    Summary: The Ombudsmen found no fault with the clinical care or aftercare arrangements provided to a patient by a Trust and a Council. There was fault with communication by the ambulance service but it has addressed this already. The Ombudsmen found there was fault when patient information was transferred to a new physiotherapy service causing a delay for the patient. However this has already been acknowledged and was remedied by the physiotherapy service. There was fault by a Council as it did not address concerns about discrepancies in an invoice it sent for home care. There was also fault with communication by the patient transport service provider. The Ombudsmen have recommended actions to the Council and patient transport service provider to address the injustice caused by the faults.

  • London Ambulance Service (15 007 972)

    Statement Not upheld Ambulance services 18-Mar-2016

    Summary: Mrs A complained about the Council's failure to place her mother, Mrs B in a home in Mrs A's borough. She also complained about the home's failure to share information with paramedics. The Ombudsmen do not consider there is evidence of fault. Mrs A also complained the home and the doctors involved in Mrs B's care failed to treat her infection appropriately. There is some evidence of fault. However, this has not caused an injustice.

  • South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (15 010 233)

    Statement Not upheld Ambulance services 14-Dec-2015

    Summary: There is no fault in the way the Trust and Council cared for Ms M and her baby when he was born. The Ombudsmen found the way the Trust treated Ms M while she was giving birth was within established good practice. The same applies to the way the Trust cared for her baby in the Special Care Baby Unit. Later, the Council had the right to remove him from Ms M's care to place him in foster care.