Residential care

Recent statements in this category are shown below:

  • Quantum Care Limited (16 005 557)

    Statement Upheld Residential care 25-Apr-2017

    Summary: There were medication errors which meant Ms X did not receive her medicine as prescribed. Her daughter, Ms A, was left with the distress that her late mother may have had an avoidable hospital admission. Ms A had to go to the trouble of complaining when the Care Provider was legally required to establish the facts and apologise to her in writing without her having to complain. To remedy the injustice, the Care Provider has agreed to apologise, make a symbolic payment and revise its medication procedures.

  • Coventry City Council (16 014 254)

    Statement Upheld Residential care 24-Apr-2017

    Summary: There was some confusion by officers over the need to get a formal report from the Coroner on his investigation into Mrs A's death. This prolonged the Council's safeguarding investigation unnecessarily. It needs to apologise and ensure the relevant officers receive training in the role of the Coroner.

  • Kevindale Residential Care Home (16 013 930)

    Statement Upheld Residential care 21-Apr-2017

    Summary: The Care Provider caused injustice to a former resident's beneficiaries in failing to calculate and settle an outstanding account for care services within a reasonable time or investigating their complaint through a proper structured complaints procedure.

  • Castle Hill House (16 014 100)

    Statement Upheld Residential care 20-Apr-2017

    Summary: There was some fault in the service Mr X received during his respite stay. The care home has agreed to apologise and make a financial payment. These are suitable remedies for the injustice caused.

  • Cumbria County Council (16 012 740)

    Statement Not upheld Residential care 20-Apr-2017

    Summary: The care provided by the Council while Mr X was staying in a care home was appropriate to meet his needs, despite the small size of the room it allocated to him.

  • Nottinghamshire County Council (16 002 738)

    Statement Upheld Residential care 19-Apr-2017

    Summary: There were serious failings in the care provided to Mr X's father by Ashlands (a care home). Because the Council commissioned the care it is responsible for the failings its own safeguarding investigation eventually identified. It has agreed to the Ombudsman's recommendations to address the injustice caused.

  • Care UK Community Partnerships Limited (16 003 105)

    Statement Upheld Residential care 19-Apr-2017

    Summary: there is no evidence to show staff at The Burroughs (a care home owned by Care UK) abused Mr X's mother in the way he alleged. Care UK failed to provide Mr X's mother with a recliner chair. I have made a recommendation to remedy the injustice this caused Mr X and his mother.

  • Dr E U M Minhas and Dr H A Minhas (15 018 732)

    Statement Upheld Residential care 18-Apr-2017

    Summary: The Ombudsmen are satisfied that several health and social care agencies acted generally without fault in the care and treatment they provided to an elderly woman with significant health problems. However, the Ombudsmen did find fault with the communication surrounding the woman's admission to one care home and that care home's record keeping. The Ombudsmen also found fault with one nursing home's call bell responses times.

  • Medway Council (16 013 808)

    Statement Upheld Residential care 11-Apr-2017

    Summary: The Council was at fault for waiting for two days to tell Mr B about an incident between Mrs B and another resident in the care home. The Council has already accepted its fault and has apologised to Mr B. The Council was also at fault for waiting for two days to refer the matter for a safeguarding investigation. However, I do not consider this to have caused Mrs B an injustice, and the CQC has already made a recommendation to address staff knowledge of safeguarding procedures. As a result, I consider that any injustice has already been remedied.

  • Warwickshire County Council (16 018 173)

    Statement Closed after initial enquiries Residential care 11-Apr-2017

    Summary: The Ombudsman will not investigate Mr A's complaints about the lack of care his deceased brother, Mr B received from his care provider. This is because it is unlikely he could add to the findings of the Council's investigation or provide Mr A with a different outcome if he investigated.